How To Find Your Niche

How to find your niche

What the heck is a niche?

A niche is a focused, targeted area that you serve particularly well.
It is small, specific and well known to you.
Your niche should arise naturally from your interests and experience.
What are you passionate about, what problems you can solve?
What you like, and what you are good at, usually go hand in hand.
Once you have a preliminary idea for a niche, survey that target market to uncover their pain points. Take a look at sites like Facebook, Twitter, Redditt and Quora to see what dialogue people are having. What questions are they asking and what problems are they experiencing? Facebook is especially useful because you can join groups where your target market is present and be a part of their conversations.
Find your niche
What are the pain points of your unique target audience, what keeps them up at night? Know how to interact with them. You’re on social media to listen, interact and educate. If you have real conversations with real people, the leads will follow. When starting your new business, your success relies heavily on solving the problem that your specific nice market has.

Never sell.
Your expertise should do the selling for you.

"It's better to be someone's shot of vodka than everyone's cup of tea"

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