How to Start With Personal Branding?

How to start with personal branding

Start With Creating Your Personal Vision.

Creating a personal brand begins much the same way by creating a personal vision. Understand your value. What are you able to bring to the table. What is it that you do extremely well and who does it best serve? What can you do for other people? Study the needs of the people in your circles. What are they struggling with? What are they trying to achieve? Think about how you can best help these people. Become the go-to, recognized authority on a specific topic.

Then Define Your Target Audience.

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to appeal to everyone. Be specific. Think about the game of darts: You have to aim in order to hit the board.

Craft Your Message.

Answer one simple question with one word: What problem do you solve? Keep it simple and memorable. Your message should reflect the people you serve, the values that you embody and the results you achieve.

Be Authentic.

Authenticity is the cornerstone of personal branding. Your authenticity is what allows your audience to trust you, to engage with you, to tell their friends about you. People don’t do business with companies. They do business with people they like. We have relationships based on trust and mutual connections.

Build Your Online Presence.

From Twitter to podcasts, blogs to Facebook, to establish your personal brand, you must get your voice out there. Secure URLs (your website), social usernames, etc. that are the best fit for your brand before someone else does!

Create a platform where people can see what you do. Don’t hesitate to promote your accomplishments as they give you credibility. People can’t connect with you if they don’t know where to find you.

Share your knowledge by helping others through videos, social media, and writing both online and offline. This is where you prove you know your stuff and gain exposure from doing so.

Be Consistent.

Consistency is key for online success.

Your Personal Brand isn't just online.

Your brand is more than just an online persona; it’s how you carry yourself at home, in the office, and even on your daily commute.
It’s how you behave, how you act, and how you inherently interact with people.
That story you tell, combined with those everyday interactions, ultimately defines your personal brand.

Are you ready to build your Personal Brand?

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